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Hey folks!

This is our very first episode of the Creative Reboot podcast. We’re so excited to finally get this project up and out there. We’ve been procrastinating around it for long enough!

Being the introductory podcast for the blog, that’s exactly the theme of the episode! We talk about what the podcast is all about, who it’s for, why we decided to do it and we tell you just a teensy bit about who we are as well. Hopefully, there are some tasty tidbits and morsels that intrigue you and get you subscribing for ongoing episodes!

At the time of recording, we literally had no idea when the podcast was going to be launched and hadn’t set up social links and a website at that point. That’s all up and running now (as you can see) and there are links at the bottom of this post to our social media accounts. It’d be great if you came and followed us there!

For now, here are all the links mentioned throughout this episode (including where to buy those funky headphones that Carla wears while we’re recording… I kid you not!). 

We hope you enjoy the first episode. Please do follow and rate us (5 Stars pretty please!) if you like what you hear!

Who are we?

Carla Watkins 

Carla Watkins Business & Branding Photography. A branding photographer for colourful, magical weirdos, based on the east coast of the United Kingdom (Essex and Suffolk). 

Her fine art photography

Mermaiding UK

Ink Drops 

Sarah Wayte A creative copywriter and branding + lifestyle photographer, based on the west coast of Canada (Fraser Valley, BC). 

Her personal writing on Medium

Photography mentoring through Heart Lines

The Inner Strength Project

Other stuff we talked about

Carla’s unicorn headphones: H&M UK | H&M Canada

Future Creative Reboot Interviews and Episodes

We’d love you to join us! 

If you’re interested in being part of our podcast and record an episode with us, get in touch and let us know what aspect of your creative life you’d like to talk about!

A brief intro to multipodding (some handy links)

Why some of us don’t have one true calling TED talk

The hidden power of not (always) fitting in TEDx talk

What is a multipod, anyway? (post)

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