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Hello “hapless” listeners! Blame Carla for that one 😉

Welcome to episode two of the Creative Reboot podcast! In this episode (and the next) we thought it might be a good idea to interview each of our presenters so you can get to know us a little better. This episode, Sarah is in the hot seat! We hope it’ll give you an idea of how we want to run our interviews with podcast guests going forward too.

Introducing Sarah

Creative copywriter and people photographer. Sarah’s poor attempt at self-introduction shows she’s not the ‘elevator pitch’ kinda girl!

Sarah delves way back into the past to talk about her journey as a writer. Being a writer first and foremost, she tells the story of how her creative journey has come full circle – by way of writer’s block, living on a Mediterranean island and a 20-year career in the ambulance service, which culminated in emigrating to Canada in early 2019 and going full time as a freelancer.

She talks about how she became a paramedic quite by accident and, later, set up a photography business and shot her first wedding by accident too. Starting out with basic kit and a borrowed camera, having never photographed anything more lively than a tree before, she was bitten by the bug, despite all the mistakes she made!

Sarah’s Struggles (keepin’ it real!)

Running a business alongside shift work – she does not advocate doing that!

Being unprepared for full-time freelancing after thinking she was ready and discovering she is actually a girl who needs a routine!

Sarah’s Support Network

Her husband, Stuart, is probably one of her biggest cheerleaders. And like-minded friends. But also finding her crowd online really helped her develop as a creative person too.

Things she wishes she’d known

Don’t take anything said to you personally.

Do what feels right for you – go with your gut.

How to deal with money and accounts before starting her business.

And, most importantly, outsource the jobs you don’t enjoy in your business!

Advice to you, Creative Rebooters!

Do what feels right for you. It’s your business, your life, your creative outlet. No one should tell you how to do that. Listen to yourself, trust your gut.

Sarah’s Shameless Self-Promo Links!

Website: – for copywriting AND photography

Free home page download: The Home Page Copy Starter Pack

Not mentioned but newly launched since recording this episode is another freebie – email templates. Read more here: Email Templates

Instagram: @SarahWayteCreative


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