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Hello fabulous listeners!

Welcome to Episode Three! It’s Carla’s turn to be in the hot seat today, so you can hear more about her journey, her creative life & her tendency to do 83 things simultaneously…

Introducing Carla

Carla is a photographer, writer & small business magic maker. She’s primarily a photographer, and this sneaks into everything that she does, but she’s also a passionate multipod, advocating for people who thrive on more than one thing to claim that trait and use it to its fullest.

This means that as well as a brand photographer, she is… a fine art & fairytale photographer, a stationery subscription box cofounder, a professional mermaid, a blogger (since 2004!), a podcast host (oh hi!), co-founder of a chocolate company, and has a new project up her sleeve since recording this episode, too.

She talks about her journey from 9-5 misery to self employed joy, with ups and downs emotionally, and side hustles galore.

Carla’s struggles

Carla talks very candidly about imposter syndrome, juggling a business (or three!) alongside full time work, and relaunching her business after a bereavement.

She’s also tackling routine, motivation & the never ending to do list… which tend to be common themes among creative folk!

Carla’s support network

Not listing them here, they’re extensive, she’s very lucky – but she also works hard on all her friendships & connections, making sure the relationships go both ways, and making the support circle as strong as possible.

What she wishes she’d known

Learning that being a multipod / multipotentialite / scanner is a Thing, and is an acceptable way to be – this was a gamechanger.

A chequered CV with loads of different jobs is actually an asset.

You can do anything, and you can do everything, but you can’t do it all at the same time – who knew?

Community over competition – it really is true.

Advice for Creative Rebooters

Get an accountant early on – one that suits you.

And trust your intuition – always.

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