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And just like that, we have our first guest! The epic Jenn Hume from Hell Yeah Tech very kindly agreed to be our first podcast guinea pig, which had absolutely nothing to do with their being a tech expert. Definitely not đŸ˜€

Meet Jenn

Jenn from Hell Yeah Tech

“Socially awkward nervous techie”, says Jenn when I put them on the spot, but we soon got into our stride, and everyone needs a Jenn in their life.

Through Hell Yeah Tech, Jenn empowers kick-ass humans to tackle the tech stuff that holds them back.

(We KNOW, right – it sounds like bliss!! Imagine technology that *gasp* ACTUALLY WORKS!)

Jenn finds joy in naming conventions, folder structure and systems – it’s a gloriously different kind of creativity and we had an absolute blast talking business, creativity, working from anywhere and unconventional life!

What we talk about

Total time freedom. Working from anywhere. Pivoting (though none of us are a fan of this word any more!). Starting a business after getting drunk (surely this is how all successful ventures start, no?). Travelling. Being true to yourself.

Being good enough and self doubt. Marketing (blergh faces at the ready). Increasing the diversity of the internet. Making epic shit happen. Kindred spirits.

Glorious moments, relatable moments, knowing how you want to live your life – this episode is absolutely packed with brilliant stories and advice.

Basically, all the good stuff, honestly you don’t want to miss this episode!

Get a Jenn in your life

Jenn can be found in various places on the planet (when coronavirus hasn’t ballsed that up massively), but always online…


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