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Hello Creative Rebooters!

WTAF is going on?

Welcome to episode 2.5, an emergency episode in response to the coronavirus emergency – aka the f***ing coronavirus episode, where we’ve woken up inside a dystopian novel, everything has fallen apart very quickly and everyone is in a state of panic.

In the UK, we’re now in lockdown; Canada has closed its borders. There are whole swathes of people working from home for the first time, and many small businesses are in crisis, so we thought what the world needs is a dose of our silliness, common sense and most importantly some practical advice.

A key thing to remember – done is better than perfect!

Tools & resources

Carla’s 35 best tools for working remotely

Sarah’s posts on working from home: Part 1 and Part 2

Free stuff from various services, rounded up by Forbes (this replaces the one we were going to write, it’ll be much more comprehensive)

For video conferencing and taking your business online, we really love Zoom

Sarah’s live

(Carla’s free Zoom backgrounds are coming soon)

(Networking roundup is coming soon)

Sites we mentioned

(or hinted at and forgot to mention by name. It’s an emergency episode after all)

For making/taking money




For productivity

Pomodoro technique – tomato timer

Toggl (time tracker)

ClickUp (like having your own PA)

And finally

We are in a tunnel, not a hole. There will be an endpoint. In the meantime, we are here to help. Keep an eye on our socials, between us we are running lives, groups, posts, downloads and other things to try and ease this very weird, uncertain time for you guys.

We mostly hang out on Instagram, and we’re at:


Advice starts about 59 minutes in if you are pushed for time and want to skip!