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Oh hey, Rebooters! It’s that time again! In this episode, we’re joined by artist Emma Lock, who’s an abstract painter. She’s in the same studio building as Carla, who has been sneaking past admiring her work for some time – and we were so pleased when she agreed to come and talk about her abstract art journey and her work here!

Meet Emma

Emma Lock is an abstract painter who gets most of her inspiration from nature and landscapes. She focuses on the colour of the landscape and makes her own place in her painting – a sense of place rather than a representational piece.

She has, staggeringly, been doing this for around three or four years – we were both convinced she’d been doing it far longer than that.

What we talk about

Emma’s very distinctive style and how that came about and evolved. Colour palettes and working with that sense of place. Exploring intuitive painting. Being discouraged from being an artist at school, because “academic”.

Some brain fireworks moments – where archaeology and geology and landscapes and the past all come together. The fact that working in accounts might be the opposite of being creative, but is very useful for running a business!

Finding that enough is enough point, giving yourself a talking to and just starting creative pursuits (we love this!). Our tendency as women to put ourselves last. Sharing online and how much of a difference that’s made to getting your art and yourself out into the world. Getting past these and other blocks.

Some wonderful insight from Emma about abstract art, and how it isn’t really taught and a memory of hers from college. The 100 Days Project and how that led her to find what she wanted to paint – and how committing for 100 days can really open up the space and freedom to play with your creativity.

Permission to do anything – art, photos, writing, creative things of all kinds – badly. If you don’t try new things you’ll never grow as a creative, but you also won’t be brilliant at things on your first try.

Being our own worst critics, and confirmation that we all sometimes look at the blank page or canvas and think “who am I? what the hell am I doing?” – which is reassuring!

Creative space and how that can change your process and your work. Commissions, inspiration and feelings, and balancing commissions with personal work. The joy and relief when a client loves the finished work. The pressure that is always mostly from ourselves.

Motivation and working on your own and intuition. Sprints of work, and managing your energy when you have time to work on your art more often. Balancing it with working part-time elsewhere.

Glorious flow while she’s in the studio, a beautiful tornado of chaos. Knowing when a painting is finished.

Social media and art! Growing a following authentically and honestly, being totally open from day one of the journey. Using it as consistently as you can, but mainly genuinely having conversations and creating connections with people. How incredible it is that we can chat with people all over the world who we’d never otherwise have met (she has a point, as much as social media has plus and minus points, I think we often take it for granted!).

Having a healthy relationship with social media, and finding it actively useful as an introvert. Being able to indulge your inner control freak! Trying to avoid the comparison and jealousy trap while sharing your work online.

Glorious moments! In-person shows and exhibitions, and seeing people react to your work in real life. A small aside about how you really can’t effectively flounce off a podcast 😂 (us, not Emma!)

This is a fabulous episode full of absolutely loads of inspiration, we’ve barely scratched the surface with the notes, so listen in and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Get more Emma in your life

@emmalockart on Instagram

The Contemporary Landing + exhibition at Snape Maltings (we are SO EXCITED about this) runs from 3 June to 6 July 2022.

Links we loved

The 100 Days Project

Ardleigh Studios (where both Emma & Carla have studios)