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Hello creative souls! Welcome to our first middle of the month episode release! That’s right, we’re moving to two episodes a month and this is the first of our two July releases! Can we all just do a little happy dance about that?


Sooooo, this episode we’re talking all about energy! Nope, not the stuff that lights up our desk lamps (as useful as that is), but more about our own energy. The stuff that keeps us going in the running of our businesses, keeps us motivated with creating all the things. We firmly believe that there are some days where we have stacks of energy which has us ticking things off the list at a mad pace and, other days, we’re lucky if we can make it to our desks.

A brief rundown of the episode

Carla encapsulated the feeling we all experience as creatives – the idea of ‘breakdown before breakthrough’!! How we must keep pushing on until we literally can’t any more.

In a pandemic world,  we talk about how Zoom has been a huge drain on our energy, particularly for those who consider themselves to be more introvert than extrovert.

Falling into the trap of believing that an 8 hour work day at home should be hours of constant work (FACT: It isn’t!) as well as taking our work through to our relaxing time. But we also admit that the reason we’re running our businesses is because we love them and they DON’T feel like work (most of the time!).

Types of energy – work, business, home, personal, just to name a few.

Client expectations and how that can help with our energy levels. And how that relates to perfectionism.

Our own moods, emotions and mental health and how much they effect our energy levels on a day-to-day basis. Folks, you’ve got to reboot to stay fresh remember!

Filling up the creative well – what things do you do to fill up the well and replace your spent energy?

There are no answers

What we have come to realise is that, while we recognise there are days where we have high energy and low energy and can or can’t create on different days in any given month, there is no specific fix. Energy changes from day-to-day, moment to moment, person to person. And we definitely feel like wherever you are in that energy cycle is totally OKAY!

Handy hint from Carla: Use a planner not only to keep your life planned but also to record what you HAVE done throughout a day. Getting to the end of the day and realising that you have actually done more than you think (even if it’s not quite what you’d planned) will help!

Stay happy, safe & healthy – and leave us reviews, we’d love to know what you think!

Till our next episode!

Carla & Sarah