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Hello, creative souls! Today we’re bringing you the freelance guru Alison Grade, author of The Freelance Bible. It’s an episode packed with information and advice and nuggets of brilliance – we can’t wait for you to listen!

Meet Alison

Alison Grade author of The Freelance Bible

Alison has a portfolio career full of fabulous, and she’s been freelancing most of her career. When she realised no one was really guiding or looking after freelancers, and couldn’t find any useful information around, she wrote a book – The Freelance Bible.

She describes what she does as birthing ideas – turning creative ideas into business reality – and we bloody love it! She’s also full of surprises – listen and read on to find out more…

What we talk about

Freelancing, portfolio careers and the strengths of working this way. How to let projects go when your part in them is over (we find this hard, too!).

Making things happen, and also making sure you have time to work on your business as well as in it.

What defines a freelancer? How it’s similar and different to being an entrepreneur. How unsuited we all are to corporate, proper jobs 😀 Boring jobs as backup!

To do lists. Coffee and cake, and meeting people. Is there a way to make freelance work more steady rather than crazy then quiet? (hint – pricing and economics are relevant!)

Being a busy fool 😉 And some great tips about expressing value to your clients. Pitching to your clients and what to look for to know whether you’ve hit the right note (we said it was full of gold dust, didn’t we?)

Time management and delivery at what Carla deems “unicorn levels of magic”. The things we take for granted which are superpowers to other people.

When big things change the world and change your career path at the same time. And how 9/11 led to a motorbike school for women…

How it feels when you first get someone close to you to look at / read / review your manuscript. Being front & centre of your own business, being the talent and how strange that can be when you’ve always been behind the scenes.

The pandemic and how this has reshaped everything – from the networks of peers to the people who you can now help with your knowledge and experience.

Developing courses and how to rethink the learning journey post-Covid.

Working from home, routines, the importance of good support networks and practicing working from home with your husband 😂

How to tell your mates when you’ve written a book – and being a human, not just a business owner!

Launch parties and joy, and that weird year that was 2020… and how having lots of clients, freelance style, is more stable than having just one employer. Plus, being in charge of your own workload is definitely a draw for many creatives.

You can have everything they say you need a “proper” job for – being a freelancer is totally viable!

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Buy the book – The Freelance Bible – from your local indie bookstore ideally 🙂

You can find her on on October 24th running a class over at Simon Sinek

The Guardian masterclass sold out and happened before we published this, but that was also wonderful.

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