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Hello Rebooters!

Introducing our first Canadian guest (it’s about time, right?) – f*cking Megan Andersen! (wait for her hello – she’s amazing).

Meet Megan

She’s a meme-creating, tattoo-loving, purple-haired bookkeeper – which definitely isn’t what you expect her to say she does when you meet her! Based in Delta, BC, she’s a powerhouse of entrepreneurial spirit.

What we talk about

Megan’s journey to bookkeeping and self-employment. Horses are involved (and we wish you could see Carla’s face light up at this point) and so are small businesses where you do a bit of everything – always a great way to learn!

Her business journey (a force of nature!) – she started just this year!

Winging it! Also totally knowing what you’re doing! Taking the leap into the unknown… and making clients into guinea pigs when trying new stuff.

Finding the people (clients or hiring) who fit you as well as the skills you need. Being honest and yourself and attracting the people who are exactly the right fit.

Creativity in marketing – Megan makes the cheesiest memes. But it clearly works as she started up in January and here we are in November, and she’s fully booked!

Setting yourself apart and how branding & marketing works for that. Clients becoming friends!

Breaking even and being able to pay yourself from your business – how good a feeling that is! Small wins – we’re all about the small wins as well as the big ones.

Hearing about success stories despite Covid – it’s good for the soul and inspiring to hear – some positivity amidst the chaos!

Imposter syndrome! It really isn’t just us – and we’re fascinated by how someone numbers based can also suffer from it. (we find this reassuring – hopefully, you are too!)

Listen out for Megan’s “meep” noise! Worrying about how clients perceive you doing your job. Knowing you have the backup from the right people in place.

The transatlantic fear of an audit from the taxman – the fear is real (but thank fuck for Megan!).

Wise advice from Megan – and a reassurance that your bookkeeper is not judging you for having abandoned your accounts for a while!

Numbers don’t bite. Honest!

The bravery of handing over your numbers to someone else to look at – it makes it more real, it gives you some accountability, and it can help you to take it more seriously.

We talked about forecasting! Megan cleared up some confusion we’ve been having for years – she really is magic! (psst – research your industry! properly!)

Support networks – including your clients, which is the first time this has been mentioned on our podcast but which we LOVE and identify with. Having clients who become friends & a supportive network is the best feeling!

And more around being yourself, and being able to swear if that’s your thing (it’s all of our thing…)

Get more Megan in your life

Find Megan’s awesome services at

Find her even more awesome memes on Instagram and Facebook

On her website, there’s some fab free resources for starting a business (Canada/BC focused).

And there’s her wonderful Support Local page – which inspired Sarah’s Support Local page and Carla’s blog posts for local online classes and local doorstep collections/deliveries!

And finally

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Till next time (which is the last episode this year – wtf?!), with creative fizz & whistles,

Carla & Sarah x