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We’ve tackled the money topic before here on Creative Reboot, but we don’t think anyone has ever dug into it quite like this.

Forget number-crunching and specifics, we’re digging into flow and feelings. Yes, that’s what we said. Flow and feelings all linked to your finances! Rosie lays it bare with some home truths, epic analogies and a seriously good journal prompt you all need to have a go at! 

Meet Rosie

When we chose money as one of this season’s big topics to discuss, we knew we wanted to talk about it differently to before and to how most people tackle it. Enter Rosie Slosek – she’s a money coach (or financial coach if you’re feeling brave) who works with women who think a bit differently, who know what they want in life, and who are looking for an experienced, authentic professional they can trust to help them make their own decisions about money.

What we talk about

Money! But absolutely not in the way you’re expecting – and it feels revelatory and revolutionary to talk about money from this angle. We’re all familiar with the feeling of fear and money, but this is a totally different way of looking at it – and we love it!

We also tackle (this is not an exhaustive list – it’s a very full episode!): money as a flow, money as an invented thing, the necessity of having money, people’s terror of tax returns, different professional approaches. Creative professionals and numbers, the misconception that artists don’t do numbers, the importance of financial planning.

Fear – yes, we did get to fear! Fear & diffcult conversations about money, talking about personal finances, discussing pricing and seeking advice. Exploring that theme of fear, complexities in the financial industry and the deliberate overcomplication of finance by big companies, and calling out the need for change. Overcoming fear and taking action.

Women and money – although finance is intensely personal and not all financial differences are attributed to gender, we talk about women’s historical involvement in running household accounts, our conditioning even now, and how the financial industry is slowly changing as young women become part of it. Women’s approach to risk & money management.

Financial experts and making financial decisions – recognising the gap between knowledge and action in those decisions and where to go for help, having clear goals before seeking advice, the importance of clarity and knowing what we are buying and why. Difficult decisions, personal priorities (eg a desired location over a larger space), prioritising wise use of money by defining what it is we want money to do for us.

Knowing yourself and coping with stress, the importance of individual rituals, empowering yourself within the industry, meeting your basic needs with money, planning for the future. Identifying what comfort means to you beyond material possessions – as a subjective measure, and understanding it may vary person to person.

And then there’s THAT epic journal prompt – if you had £3 million tax free, and you had to live the rest of your life on it, how would you do that. Yes, we are both doing this exercise, no, we haven’t finished yet and no, we’re not sure whether we’re going to share our solutions. While we’re all for being super open, it is a strangely personal thing to do, and we suspect that is entirely the (genius) point!

In short (if that’s possible on this podcast!), the numbers are important, but your own financial planning is about emotion – feeling secure and in charge of your financial destiny.

Get more Rosie in your life

You can find Rosie on her website

She’s on Instagram @themoneyhaven

And we can highly recommend her money magic!

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