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Well would you look at that, we blinked, it’s March, and today is officially the start of SEASON SEVEN of our lovely little podcast.

Seven. WTAF.

Who are we, again?

If you’re new to Creative Reboot, hi and welcome, and if you’re returning to us, welcome back. We’re Carla and Sarah, both brand photographers which is how we met, both also other things (listen in to find out what) and in 2020 we decided that what the world really needed was a way to listen to our late night, transatlantic conversations about life, business, creativity and everything in between.

And so our podcast was born – and four years later, we’re still going, you’re still listening and we have an absolute ARRAY of amazing guests this season!

All about Season 7

Did we mention it’s season 7?! So seventh season, and seventh different season structure. Because we’re both still recovering from the experience that was three seasons in one year!

And what is the point of self employment and working with your bestie if you can’t be flexible when you need it? We both (like everyone) have life stuff going on, and while we still wanted to produce our podcast this year, we wanted (and needed) it to fit around us rather than adding panic to our lives, because we love it and we love you lot who listen!

Plus, you know, there’s that pesky 8 hour time difference to wrangle as well…

So this year we’re going to have a 50:50 split between glorious guest interviews, and our own conversations, musings & experiences. Broadly alternately, and broadly once a month, though we reserve the right to sneak in extra episodes or posts if circumstances call for it!

Posts will come out on the first Wednesday of every month, and we’re also plotting to be a bit more active on social media over the month rather than clustering it around the episode. (Well, Sarah is plotting effective strategies – Carla is still very much in a love-hate relationship with social media on the whole)

Upcoming guests & topics

Ahhh, well this is where it gets exciting. We don’t want to give the game away too much, as we’re batch recording better than we ever have before so at time of writing have some sneak peeks already into later episodes and the gold nuggets & lightbulb moments our fab guests are sharing.

Storytelling is at the heart of pretty much everything we do, in words & photos, conversations & responses, everything. So it’s no surprise that all our guests this season have stories to tell – and a very varied set of stories they are!

We have an SEO specialist who has been other things first, and we know SEO is one of those “eeek” topics that carries some guilt and gets pushed down the list for many business owners, so that’s going to be a brilliant one – tackling some fears head on. One to bring a notebook to!

There’s going to be an episode with someone who helps humans thrive, and talks about neurodivergency, different brain wiring, and how humans can be happier at work. There is potential for lightbulb moments galore in this one!

We have someone coming in who is talking about resilience, and whose story is around losing and regaining an ability – this one is unique and we’re very excited to share more in depth with you.

Then there’s someone who specialises in personal branding, which given that’s also what we both do in different ways, should be a fizzy ideas-exchanging magical joy of an episode.

And then we’re throwing PR into the mix – someone who focuses on mindset & PR, and what that teaches you about running a business, which is different from how we’ve tackled PR on the pdocast before. We love the idea of confidence being based around representing your business.

There will probably be some discussion somewhere along the line about productivity and creative / working spaces, as Carla moved studios at the end of 2023, unexpectedly also moved her entire home office to her new studio, and has been unflatteringly astounded at the difference in her working habits and output as a result.

And OF COURSE we are off on writing retreat together in March, with the same brilliant ladies who appeared on our fireside chat back in 2022 – so if the opportunity presents itself, we may sneak in an episode from Yorkshire.

Other chaos in this episode

Cooking dinner between recording, cats, delightful sidetracks about how to troll the trolls in online comments if your business does get press, holiday camps for therapy (not a thing, but how we wish they were), and our usual chaotic but enthusiastic sign off.

It’s business as usual, but with a uniquely Carla & Sarah fizz & whistle!

And as always

We would LOVE to hear from you – whether you have thoughts on this season’s episodes as they come out, or there’s something you’d like us to discuss or find a guest for, or put yourself forward as a guest – get in touch and let us know!

If you enjoy listening, please also tell your friends & creative colleagues, we’d love to grow a bit more this year and spread the joyful honesty & support. Despite our best efforts there is still way too much bullshit in the world and we’d really like to make a dent in that!

Till next time!