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Ooh, have we got a deep and wonderful episode for you this month! We’ve had fab feedback from our first guest episode, and we’re delighted to introduce the wonderful Tara Perlaki today, sharing some unvarnished truths about the feminine experience, and loads of amazing advice about life, business and navigating the world.

Meet Tara

Tara Perlaki is passionate about creating experiences where women can be nourished and supported, alongside practical toolkits and roadmaps to navigate their path through fertility challenges and beyond. She helps women feel the most inspired they can, and the best energy they can, through some of the harder parts of their journey.

What we talk about

Feminine energy, and how that can bring strength to your businesses. Fertility, and the well woman within that journey. How to handle the stuff that life throws at us. Teary moments over periods and shame and dismissal and the experiences which are common to so damn many women in our teen years.

Transformation. Sisterhood. Cycles. Working with your own cycle and allowing yourself to rest (radical, huh?!). Managing your energy from a more feminine angle – not just pushing through and trying to be consistent 100% of the time which is so often expected at work, at school, in relationships.

Battling PCOS. Working to your strengths. Education and change. Spaces to talk and share and grow. Bringing in the light, melting the shame and its associated separation, healing and nourishing the wounds of womanhood.

The experience of being a woman whether or not you have a baby (particularly intriguing as Carla and Sarah are both childfree by choice). Validation around having or not having children. Contraception and libido.

Brene Brown and her work. Grief. Connection. Disassociation. Support, nurture, compassion. Nichey niches (!), energy shifts. Challenges. Glorious highs. Charting your cycle (whether or not you bleed) so you can work with your natural energy levels. Data and the science bit.

Bringing your sparkle back, creating an unforgettable epic year. Sacred friendship space in a nurture huddle! And some excellent advice to finish off with.

Phew – we did say it was an epic episode, didn’t we?!

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