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Wow, it’s episode release time again! This month’s fabulous guest is the wonderful Verity Clarke, who is the owner of Verity Clarke Hair, and the colour magician responsible for Carla’s hair and the hair of many, many other glorious multicolour humans all over the UK.

Meet Verity

She’s a whirlwind of energy with natural blue hair (obviously) and hair is a lifestyle not a job. She’s well known for being the go-to for incredible colour, but she’s also insanely talented in “normal” colours and cutting & styling – there’s nothing this woman can’t do with hair! #glitterpunkfairy

What we talk about

Finding your creative path, working in your true passion, the weirdest fucking first year of business ever. Coping with not being able to work during the covid crisis, alternative creativity, winding down and back up again. Keeping a consistent vibe, not being able to sit and do nothing (! sound familiar?!), creepy mannequin heads.

Creative growth and the skill / taste gap – when you finally reach the stage where what you visualise in your head is what you’re actually producing – and looking back at your old work and being able to critique fondly, and recognise how far you’ve come.

Cheering each other on and finding a support network. Evolving rather than reacting, and staying a step ahead of the competition. Launching Verity Clarke Hair at speed, and the insanity of a first year in business which also included the Covid 19 pandemic.

The importance of a personal brand and being YOU in your business. People buy people! Trust in creative services. Introverts in business. Not looking like introverts. Wearing your personality!

First impressions and managing them when you’re building up your clientele. An intriguing piece of early advice. Relaxing into your true self in your thirties (and beyond). Hairdresser fashion.

Reflecting on struggles. Tempting fate and taking on the world. Sharing vs competition, and finding a support network on social media.

The saying that’s actually total bollocks… stepping away from work and having people who will help you with that. WhatsApp flaps!

Working with people you live with, and not. The challenges of taking work home. Some very good advice and pulling the spring back on a catapult. The tools of the trade…

Get more Verity in your life:

Find Verity at

She’s very much open for business again!



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